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No Liability:

Information, tips, guides and any sort of advice received via should not be considered and used as an alternative for professional or expert advice in the relevant field. You should not make any personal financial decisions or any specific beauty or health related decisions or any other decisions as application without consulting with respective professional. is a collective lifestyle site that intends to educate the readers about various aspects. It is not a substitute for any professional advice and solution. and all alleged authorities do not hold any liability for inappropriate usage of any information as a substitute for the professional solutions. If you find any discrepancies in terms of factual or otherwise, please inform us we will try to rectify it at the earliest possible.

In addition, any material, in any form downloaded or received in any mode through is always done at your own risk. Inappropriate usage of information is liable for copyright violation.

In no event, under no circumstances, shall be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or any other form of damages of whatever related content, product and information.

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When you make any financial transaction for any service with respect to banner advertisements, product display, affiliate or any such marketing activity, you shall be providing your payment information. You agree that all the payment information you provide include credit card details, bank details or forms of payment details shall be accurate, current and complete. Providing inappropriate or incomplete payment details may end up

Besides, unless until made an agreement or written consent regarding any payment terms with respect to the promotion of your product or services, does not hold any responsibility for any financial transaction made.


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