15 Life Hacks to Get Fit Without Exercise

Get fit Without Exercise

Are you one among those who always want to stay fit, but don’t care about eating, workouts and lifestyle? Don’t worry. You are not alone. In fact, many women feel so! Of course, current work scenario and technology swallows the life of people. We prefer to sit back and play games instead of hitting the gym!

If the weighing scale moves forward, you pose many health risks. Without getting into a fitness schedule or hitting the gym, you can stay fit! Listing out a few life hacks to stay healthy and fit without exercising.

  • You have all the power to change your life.
  • You control your life.
  • Yes! you can transform your sedentary lifestyle into healthy one!

Why these life hacks?

Most people would love to get into a fitness or workout schedule. However, they don’t do it just because it is done solely as a purpose of the exercise. Living in the technology driven world, people are in fact ready to fit themselves to any kind of workout schedule. Yet, many aspects ruin it.

There are many women who love to play indoor games; love to hike and trek; love to run and compete with friends! When you ask them do it as exercise, they won’t do it. Treadmill at your home? An hour at the gym? Yoga sessions? Definitely not a cup of tasty tea!

Can you really lead a healthier life without any physical activity? Almost impossible!

Before reading these healthy life hacks, be assured on the following:

  • Don’t stress too much about creating any special schedule to include exercise or any form of workout. This article doesn’t speak anything about any exercises.
  • You don’t really need to wake up soon to welcome the sun.
  • Don’t skip lunch or do any form of workout during lunch or short break
  • You don’t need to hit the treadmill
  • Do not to control your food or change your diet (of course it will be healthy, be we keep the option open)
  • You don’t need to let yourself down or anyone just because you started a special fitness regimen
  • You don’t shell out money.
  • This is not a wellness program, no therapies involved.

Are you ready? Read out these juicy life hacks!

  1. Improve your posture

You know how you sit in your office! Certainly terrible! Almost everyone sits terribly and even I am not an exception. In fact, sitting comfortably (this is no where related to right posture) as you desire makes you feel good. However, you may realize it makes your body stiff and you will feel pain when you get up from the chair.

Poor posture is the major problem that invites so many bone related health conditions. So, get the posture right! Sit straight with spine erect!

Sitting straight itself is an exercise. Of course, as promised, this is not an exercise, but a healthy habit!

  1. Walk

Don’t go for walking like an exercise. Walk a minute or two every hour you sit. Don’t ring for coffee or water and get it delivered to your desk. We know you love your chair a lot! Too much love spoils you. Move from your chair, take a walk, and drink water.

If you are too busy or lazy to move from your desk? Just think about this! If you have an urge to urinate, can someone do it for you? Does your hunger get satiated when someone eat for you?

Even if you are at home, don’t ask or request someone to bring something for you. Move often!

  1. Go for a beach vacation

Beach vacation! Soothing waves, and breezy climate! Chilling out on a beach resort is quite exotic and relaxing. Well, you will soon get bored to lie down, sit back and relax at the beach all the day! Usually, beach resorts provide you numerous activities to enjoy and have fun. Water skiing, snorkeling, and a lot of activities to move yourself and have fun! Even walk on the beach in the sand is healthy!

 We do have the second option to get you active! Pick a vacation spot that is surrounded by a lot of hills but scarce transportation.

These things motivate you indirectly to stay fit and healthy.

  1. How about some crazy dance?

As kids, you would have danced extremely funny to the music. Make some crazy movements, jumps, hula hoops, and the famous moonwalk dance of the pop star Michael Jackson!

  1. Go dirty

Don’t get any ideas. Until you kick started your career, you have had a life with friends and neighbors. Remember the good old day you really played on the grounds, your fights, joys, and a lot of cherishing memories. Why don’t you associate with your friends or even colleagues, and go dirty on the playground? Badminton? Tennis? Playing Tags? Throw Ball?

If not with your friends, why don’t you play with kids and family?

  1. Become a Volunteer

There are a lot of needy people out there, everywhere. Volunteering not only help others, but also helps you in staying active. Volunteer yourself to help the victims of natural disasters, riots and poor children.

  1. House Cleaning

Do you know how much calories you can lose when you mob the floor? Don’t think it is low status! Just re-arrange everything in your room. Dust off the furniture and keep your home free from dust mites. You saved a day for yourself from being lazy, helped your family and enabled healthy dust free home! Do it twice a month.

Cleaning your house burns a minimum of 300 calories and it makes a healthy pastime. When you do it regularly, it will strengthen your muscles! Mopping the floor is actually a great muscle building exercise, but not really exercise. Besides, it prevents you from gaining weight!

Okay, you also earn goodwill in your home. That’s so lovely isn’t it?

  1. Car Wash / Bike Wash

Don’t spend on car or bike wash. Do it yourself. If you read this, you will never take your car or bike to get it done at the mechanic shop. Washing your vehicles just improves your life. A normal person will spend around 5 to 10 calories a minute when they wash the vehicle. When you super clean your vehicle, it takes around 30 to 45 minutes. You will burn around 200 to 300 calories!

You can save your time, your money and have clean, shiny and beautiful vehicle.

  1. Stretch yourself when you watch tv, play games or hear songs

After struggling yourself with bad posture all the day at office, you will follow the same at your home. Your back undoubtedly starts hurting. When you sit for hours, air blocks accumulate in your body. Simply stretch your body.

Stretching your body gives instant energy boost and helps you get rid of all air blocks. (Do you hear some knuckles? It will relax your muscle, relieves pain and improves blood circulation.

Don’t say, stretching is nothing, has no value. These excuses are lame.  

  1. Pick up gardening as your hobby

Is there anything healthier than eating salads and fresh fruits? Why don’t you pick up gardening as a hobby? There are numerous benefits you can derive from gardening.

  • Gardening needs physical work. You need to work out a lot when you grow your own foods.
  • It is a stress buster. You don’t need to break your head to de-stress.
  • Involve as a family to grow veggies. That’s a happy family time
  • You can grow organic vegetables. Organic produce is the healthiest foods on the planet, prevents your health from many ailments.
  • The fruit and vegetables you grow tastes delicious, yet it is cultivated by you and it certainly tastes good
  • And you save a lot of money.
  1. Buy a dog

One of the healthiest gifts you can gift yourself is a pet, especially a dog! A dog is the best friend of everyone. In fact, dog makes a great companion than any relation. (No hard feelings, it’s true). You don’t want to exercise, but your dog needs it. A dog will force you to get some physical activity regularly, almost every day. Go outdoors for the sake of a dog and you will certainly do it. Because the dog loves you like anything.

  1. Do all maintenance work by yourself

Broken tap? Damaged fence? Electrical problems? Fix it all yourself. There are many benefits to doing all the maintenance works by you.

  • You save a lot of money. Hiring plumbing services or electrician can be really expensive. Also you cannot expect them to arrive on time or do the work like a pro.
  • It is an exercise to body and brain. You think smarter to solve the issues. Also, you can use high quality products, prevents further damage. Of course, you won’t say you don’t want to get smarter.
  1. Go Shopping

Yes, go shopping, but shop at stores. Skip your vehicles, befriend your legs. Walk to the nearby stores and buy all the products you need. It saves a lot of money on fueling your vehicle and keeps you healthy.

If you are bored, go shopping for nothing. Don’t spend money. There are many shopping malls and arcades where you can spend time lavishly!

  1. Go to parties and dance

Love partying? Great. You do will love dancing and having fun at the parties. But instead of hitting the regular night clubs or bars, go to the parties or clubs where you can really dance. Nobody cares how proficient you are in dance at the clubs. Why?

  • Dancing vibrates your mood and enhances brain function. A smarter activity you should try out.
  • Share great bond with friends, make new friends, form new circles and of course healthy activities.
  • It will be a lot of fun.
  1. Buy a pedometer

It is the simplest thing you can do! According to the recent studies, wearing a pedometer actually motivates people to walk more.

It indirectly induces you to walk. You don’t need to schedule walking or go to gym. You don’t need any motivation too! Without doing anything, the pedometer creates a schedule for you. Just by looking at the pedometer every day, you will walk!

Finally, a short blurb on beating away the stress.

Stress is just everywhere like air! But you cannot breathe this toxic air. What do you do when you are stressed?

  • Eat! Order food online! Drink something! Move to a café! Or simply rely on the fridge and munch on what you find there.


  • Instead of eating, move out from the place. A short walk for no more than 15 minutes help you de-stress with ease.

That makes a lot of difference. Think about having a cool drink or a burger or a piece of cake whenever you are stressed! And compare the same with 15 minutes walk. Walking here means not like a physical workout. Just relax yourself and wander out!

200 calorie snack Vs 50 calories burn and healthy way to de-stress. What do you prefer? Do you wish to gain pounds or lose pounds?

  • Another positive way to beat stress is music! As mentioned above, hear songs or move your steps to the music.
  • Take a warm water bath to reduce tension!

The above mentioned life hacks are simple and you can effortlessly try it! It costs nothing but there are a lot of benefits.

Don’t blame at your work schedule.

Don’t blame you are too busy to do these things. If you think so, you are cheating yourself as it is not true at all!

Do you have any strange and funny life hacks to stay fit and healthy? Share with us. Watch this space to know more about healthy lifestyle and fitness for women!

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