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By visiting the website (hereafter referred as We / Us), viewing, reading, accessing or otherwise using any of the information in any form collected, created, compiled, edited or submitted to us, you abide by the following Terms and Conditions. If you opt not to bind by our Terms and Conditions, you deemed not to visit or view or access or otherwise using any information in any form. You understand, agree and acknowledge that these Terms and Conditions is a legal agreement between and you.

Proprietary Rights:

You understand, agree and acknowledge that may contain all proprietary, confidential and private information, including product information, patents, and trademarks covered under copyright acts and intellectual property laws. We are the sole owners of all information. The content and any information in any form may not be sold, reproduced or distributed without our written consent. The third party logos, patents and trademarks, service marks and product information are the property of the respective owners.

Provision of Services:

You understand, agree and acknowledge that we are entitled to modify, alter, delete, add, improve or discontinue any of our services and it is decided best upon our sole discretion. We are not liable to inform you or send prior notice, to modify anything with respect to the site even if the site becomes inaccessible or prevent you from gathering relevant information you may need.

Termination of Agreement:

The terms and conditions of this agreement are deemed to stay active and continue to apply in perpetuity until terminated, with or without prior notice for any time and for any reason.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

You understand, agree and acknowledge that use of the site is entirely at your own risk. We do not confer any expressed or implied of any kind.


The information and any form of content, advertisements, third party links and external resources of the site is provided only for the use of adults. is a site designed with an intention to serve the adults, aged at least 18 plus years. It is neither expressly nor impliedly intended to use by younger audience aged below 18 years of age. In case of access by a minor user, the respective user may need parental guidance or supervision. In case if the user below 18 years wishes to become a registered member, we may need consent from the parent or authoritative guardian. Also, we may choose to deny the registration process. We do not hold any liability, nor be held liable for the damages arising due to inappropriate usage or interpretation of any information accessed by a minor user.


At no event and at no instance and any of its subsidiaries, associates and affiliates, if any shall be held liable directly or indirectly. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect, or incidental, financial, exemplary and consequential damages. The limitations on liability shall include damages to profits, reputation, goodwill, loss of information, loss of program, intangible loss, interruption of business, temporary or permanent cessation of any business, with respect to use of any information, non availability, or modification of any information.

Third Party Liability:

We may include hyperlinks, banner advertisements and flash presentations to the external source. The links may promote and advertise the respective websites and products. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for any actions and subsequent consequences that may arise due to transacting with the third party with respect to use resources, websites and products. We neither expressly nor implied endorse the products and services offered by the respective websites included in the hyperlinks.

You understand and expressly deemed to agree all terms and conditions constitute the usage of the site, makes an agreement between and You. You are deemed to be abiding by the subsequent additions or modifications in the terms and conditions when you access the site for any reason. We do not hold the liability to serve you notice about the changes in the terms and conditions.

Accuracy of Information:

We do not offer any kind of warranty on any of the information published on the site. Hence we can make no guarantee on the accuracy of the information or the opinions expressed therein. You understand that the content and a wide variety of information we provide here is meant for the purpose of expanding knowledge and learning some information. You should not make any final decisions based on any information provided here. Consider what you read here as a resource. Use us as a tool to learn about something, make your own judgment and a safe decision. The information provided may be inaccurate or inadequate and therefore requested not to blindly bind by the information provided here.

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