30 Reasons Why Should You Walk Everyday

Walking! One of the easiest and simplest ways to get fit and stay healthy. The benefits of walking are overlooked in the modern era. Especially, women’s counterpart, owing to the hectic work schedule, imbalanced work-life, hustle-bustle life is unable to spend quality time to focus on their health. It is certainly hard to find time to allocate for yoga training or to hit the gym! Now, forget it all. All you need is nothing but walking! Walking offers you innumerable benefits to health. Of course, walking is just good for every gender. Just by scheduling around half an hour to one hour walk every day, you can transform the quality of life, improve your life and your health for the better.

Walking is an easy form of exercise

Obvious! You don’t need any training or exercise equipments, guidance or supervision to kick start walking every day. An easily accessible form of exercise is a full body workout.

Walking makes you physically active

Staying physically active is the major criteria to stay healthy and prevent many chronic disorders. Even if your work schedule is too hectic or you have a lot of chores, you will end-up getting tired by the end of the day. Alternatively, if you remain still with less or no chores on any specific day, you will remain tired by the end of the day. If there is one thing that makes you physically active, it is walking.

Walking is the best substitute for exercise

Even if you don’t have sufficient time to do any exercise or join yoga classes or even fitness regime, walking makes the best substitute.

Walking is versatile

Isn’t it? We have already mentioned it! You can walk in any route, in any place and during any time as you feel comfortable or as you desire. It is quite versatile. You won’t get bored with walking. If you take the same route, challenge yourself to reach a spot within 20 minutes or so (you fix the place or distance and time to reach). Alternatively, take different routes every day. Go for an evening walk or morning walk or an early morning walk or even the night walk. Anything as you wish!

Walking improves your memory and boosts brain functions

Any form of physical activity improves the brain functions and memory. Walking is your best bet to enhance your memory. In recent studies about the benefits of walking, it is revealed that regular walking prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. It is not too late to kick start your walking routine.

Walking is an easy weight loss exercise

If you are looking for a pain free and easy way to lose those excessive weight and get rid of the extra flabs, walking is the only way! Walking changes everything in your for better, and gradually you will start losing weight.

Walking improves your blood circulation

Walking stimulates proper blood circulation. Walking is one of the best exercises for optimal heart function. When the heart functions effectively, it supplies blood to all parts of the body with no hassles. Obviously, walking promotes blood circulation, which in turn makes you active.

Walking is an anti-stress exercise

Walking gives you the similar effect of hearing your music, which releases happy hormones and control stress inducing hormones. If you are stressed, just move out from the place and walk for 10 to 15 minutes. You will be instantly relieved from stress.

Walking enables you enjoy sound sleep

Walking enables you enjoy quality and sound sleep. No more sleepless nights, no more insomnia, no more midnight wakeups, and no more snacking on the midnights!

Walking makes you feel extremely better – Physically and mentally

Walking stimulates your whole body, improves blood circulation, reduces stress and makes you active. All these collectively make you feel better. Walking secretes happy and healthy hormones. You can examine it. Stay as a potato couch! Go for walking! Now tell us what made you feel better? When you remain inactive, your body and mind obviously needs more rest and yearn to lay back on your couch! Alternatively, walking makes you energetic and gives a good sense of well-being.

Walking saves a lot of money

Yes, another obvious benefit of walking is money saving. It saves money on the following:

  • Walking is free and you don’t need to pay anything
  • It regulates the sugar level, cholesterol and pressure (no need to worry about all these major issues)
  • Reduces the frequencies of visiting a doctor
  • No treadmill, no cycling or any equipments

Walking helps you stay in shape

If you wish for a good physique or longing to maintain your shape, just resort to walking.

Walking boosts your metabolism

Low metabolism deteriorates your overall health. Besides healthy eating, you may suffer from poor metabolism. Walking is the best way to boost your metabolism. If you enjoy morning walking, you will gain energy for the whole day.

Walking keeps your core intact and prevents degenerative diseases

Walking keeps your core intact. It stabilizes and energizes your body. Walking boosts the metabolism. It enhances the strength of the muscles and stimulates the central nervous system. All these collectively prevents degenerative diseases.

Walking provides you a ‘me’ time

The major drawback of many women, regardless of the profession, age and responsibilities, women fail to find ‘me’ time. Lack of self-care and attention is a major cause of many health hazards in women. Especially, mental health. When you walk every day, you will enjoy your ‘me’ time! You will be free from all responsibilities for a while, think about what you love or plan for something.

Walking is a self-reward!

Walking extends your life span

Walking helps you stay fit, healthy and active, which in turn act as a barrier to health, extends your life time. A healthy body and mind obviously enhances the quality of life.

Walking is the best way to combat obesity

Obesity is a major concern nowadays. Even children are growing obese. Get rid of this damaging obesity once for all with regular walking.

Walking nourishes your respiratory system

If you are a morning walking, the atmosphere is quite tranquil and you can breathe fresh air. Do you remember or heard that people in the ancient days prefer early morning walk before the sun rise do enjoy the fresh air. It not only nourishes the respiratory system, but also makes you nourishes.

Walking is flexible and comfortable

You don’t any find comfortable and flexible exercise like walking. Although experts say you need to walk only in a specific time (walking has more benefits when you practice it in the morning or in evening owing to the fresh environment), it won’t hurt you. You can choose a comfortable time to enjoy this activity.

Walking is not a strenuous workout

Walking is in fact a cardio workout! However, it doesn’t appear so. Just think about intense cardio sessions or even the crunches and stretches! They are quite difficult to master. Also, you may need proper guide. It is so relaxing as the exercise is quite flexible. It is quite simple and energetic.

Walking is a social activity

Yes, you can make friends when you regularly practice walking. Those who are too rigid to have some social interaction either due to personal nature or due to work schedule may break it! Many times, not have a good social life is a reason for many mental health issues.

Walking is addictive

Once you started enjoying the benefits of walking, you will find it addictive. Simply, walking itself makes pleasurable (without even considering the health benefits). It is always good to become addicted to a good thing as it will provide you continuous flow of health boost!

Walking is free from side effects

The best thing about walking is there is no side effect! The zero side effect multi-faceted exercise is a boost to overall health! It doesn’t harm your health, neither your organs nor any functions. Should you not go for this?

However, you may experience moderate to severe pain in your calf muscles and feet for a maximum of 4 days (not on the day one when you kick start your walking routine). The pain will vanish away in less than 4 days and you will start enjoying it.

Walking is an effective remedy for osteoporosis and associated bone disorders

Yes! Something that every women need in her life. Almost every woman in the world is exposed to the degeneration of bone health, due to pregnancy, childbirth, etc. The risk of osteoporosis, low density porous bones, cervical problems, joint pain, joint immobility, etc. can be reduced to a great extent with walking. Walking stimulates blood circulation to the joint muscles, which get strengthened. It prevents exteriorization of bone health.

Walking regulates your menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycle turns out to be quite painful in many women. Also, irregular menses, heavy discharge or scanty discharge, excessive pain during menstruation, etc are major menstruation problems experienced by women. One of the best and easiest ways to improve your menstrual health is walking. Walking regulates the menstrual cycle and reduces the pain.

Walking is the best way to manage your weight

You tried hard to lose a lot of pounds isn’t it? Got your ideal weight? Good! So, now you may be in a chaos how to manage the right weight? Remember, if you worked out at the gym or did yoga to shed your pounds, you need to practice it continuously. Otherwise, you may regain the lost weight. The best way to manage your weight is walking. Walk 60 minutes a day, split it into 30 minutes in morning and evening respectively. It is done! Weight management is no more a difficult task.

Walking makes your body a fat burner

Your body has the fat burning machine. You should operate the machine. The body automatically starts burning the fat when you step out, move your feet! The control lies at your feet, in you! The more number of steps you walk, the fat burning machine in your body works effectively. Upon regular walking of around 30 minutes to 60 minutes a day, you will find a considerable reduction in the fat accumulation in your body. Do it regularly, your body will turn a fast paced fat burner and even prevents the accumulation of fat, as you will stay active with enhanced metabolism!

In continuation with the above, walking burns the fat from all parts of body. There is no specific part addressed by walking! It is a whole body toning exercise. If you do crunches, you will reduce belly fat! If you do sit-ups, you will reduce the fat in thighs and butt. Walking reduces fat from all parts and gives you a well-toned physique.

Walking stabilizes your blood sugar

A brisk walk for 20 minutes stabilizes the elevated levels of blood sugar in your body. Almost everyone is at the risk of becoming diabetic! It is not merely due to family history, but also due to food habits, and lifestyle. Whether you already hit by diabetes or at the risk of high glucose levels in your blood stream, schedule walking every day! As mentioned above, a brisk walk for no more than 30 minutes a day is sufficient to control and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Walking is easily accessible

You don’t need any specific or separate place for walking. Just walk around your apartment, walk to the market or go shopping without your vehicle. Even if you travel or if you are on a holiday, you need not skip walking. You can simply walk anywhere and everywhere as long as you feel comfortable.

Walking is easy and free

Do you know how to walk? Obviously you should know it. So, walking is easy isn’t it? And yes, it is free. You don’t need to pay anything for walking; all you need is your time!

Besides walking you may also need to follow healthy eating routine. At least reduce the consumption of junk foods to reap the benefits of walking! A secret benefit of walking – it is an age-defying exercise, keeps your skin healthy, improves your overall outlook!

Ready to kick start your walking routine for better health? Tell us your walking routine and how it benefitted you. Keep visiting us to know more informational health guides for women.

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