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How to make those pouts look luscious

Lipsticks undoubtedly make those pouts look succulent and make you look absolutely stunning. At the same time, it ruins your appearance, make it miserable, even horrible! Even if you carry yourself in the best attire, unblemished skin and a perfect hairdo, the paint you used to protrude might diminish your appearance. A little bit of...
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Worried About Pigmentation? Pigmentation Home Care Solutions

Is pigmentation bothering you due to scorching summer-sun? Have you been upset because of the dark spots that have developed lately on your face? Stop worrying about, there are plenty of effortless  Pigmentation Home care solutions! Pigmentation refers to the darkening of the skin tone due to the excessive production of the pigment called ‘melanin’. ...
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5 Beauty Myths to Die

Every girl is obsessed with her look and wants to look beautiful. There are millions of beauty tips shared across the globe. Unfortunately, many are merely the myths and doesn’t help women. So, what are those beauty myths that should die? Let’s see those top beauty myths busted. Myth No 1: Combing your hair several...
Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Lightening and Nourishing Lotion View Full Post

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Lightening and Nourishing Lotion

Product Description: Nectar is the natural sweet fluid. Oh yes, it is nothing but the honey that every flowering plant produces almost each day. It is used to enhance health, vitality and ageless beauty. Its nourishing and moisturizing properties help heal skin and promote healthy cell renewal. This lightening and nourishing lotion replaces all natural...

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